GPS time tracking is one way of healing

This is the worst nightmare for business owners: there are sudden, slow or falling sales everywhere. The first response is to find the cause of the problem. This includes a review of your sales team’s work and issues, and you may want to consider the following questions:

  • Have you attracted a lot of new prospects? Does the sales team establish a new connection to the site? Do you have time to focus on attracting new audiences?
  • How does the team complete the sale? Achieving a qualified leadership transformation is not easy. You can see how the team is ending the sale and optimizing the process. Check out the Best Phrase to improve your conclusions.
  • What is the sales process? If you do not have a clear and efficient way, you may miss sales. Implementing an automated sales process for your sales team can help you get your sales back.
  • Benefits? Implementing GPS time tracking for salespeople, regardless of how the sales situation is declining, can help you achieve all of these goals.

Traditionally, sales teams enjoy a lot of freedom when they are in the field. It’s difficult to know which customers are most interested, what they spend on acquisitions and retention.

As you can imagine, this does not always help your business. Many companies have found that there is a gray management area that can clearly distinguish what salespeople are doing in the field or whether they are effective or not. GPS time tracking is changing all of this.

This technology has been used by car managers for a long time, but companies with sales teams are now using GPS time tracking to increase their hours and better understand their business. This is because salesperson tracking applications provide critical data to improve service delivery and eliminate business inefficiencies.

There are two ways to implement time tracking for sales teams.

The first approach is to use the mobile GPS time tracker application, where each sales team member downloads and installs them on the company’s released smartphone.

The second option is to install the GPS tracker on all vehicles used by salespeople in much the same way as a vehicle manager.

You can use both methods as needed.

How does salesperson’s GPS tracking drive sales?

To simplify your sales team and continually improve your performance, you need to perform a SWOT analysis of your team. The Salesperson Tracking application is also useful here.

Identify best practices – You can use the data from your GPS time tracking system to support your champions. Find out what best salespeople do and copy them to other members of your team. In this way, GPS tracking can extend the impact of skilled salespeople on simplified processes.

Decreased staff turnover – Sales team’s annual turnover is on average 20%. This is the essence of the business. However, you can use GPS time tracking to reduce the flow of salespeople. This data provides a good idea of ​​who the salespersons are. Time tracking can lead to employee reviews with the type of data, so salespeople with fewer sales can better identify improvements. This data can also be used to develop incentive plans that have a positive impact on employee retention and corporate culture.

Customer Access Report – The detailed time field report provided in the GPS time tracking application shows the time spent by each customer. This data can help you analyze the effectiveness of your sales team. Spending too much time on potential customers who have not switched to customers can help you decide if your business is right for your industry. Location-based time tracking formalizes what efforts are worth, and the effort to consume the most resources.

More benefits of GPS time tracking

It’s valuable to be able to find sales teams, check progress, and decide which sites are most popular. This enables you to track and analyze your critical data to provide an effective solution to the challenges you face in the field.

Using the GPS Time Tracker to manage your sales team has the following benefits:

Time and location monitoring reduces costs

Here are ways to reduce operating costs and expenses through location-based team monitoring:

Increased productivity – Spending precious time on manual work costs and timelines is a thing of the past. Automatic time tracking and location data are continuously captured while the timer is running, which can reduce accuracy because the sales team does not have to waste time recording time. It also saves business owners time by providing automated reporting without having to look at the timeline separately.

Mobile time tracking allows businesses to optimize site time by setting up customer destinations, sending location data to teams, and displaying the quickest route on the spot. By maximizing your route, you can avoid overtime, reduce fuel demand, and increase your productivity.

Better premiums – GPS time tracking can reduce premiums as many insurance companies offer a 35% discount for tracking. This means that you can use GPS tracking for salespeople to save thousands of dollars in insurance costs each year.

Better professional ethics – As mentioned earlier, salespeople enjoy a lot of freedom in the field. With GPS Mobile Time and Attendance Tracker, each site has a record. Location-based tracking can identify unauthorized vehicle use, such as outdoor hours and excessive speeding, and can be detected as an immediate warning. Keep in mind that if you look more like sticks than carrots to perform location monitoring, you can improve your performance by 5-20% when people know your audience.

High ROI – Perhaps most importantly, you can record and view reports over a week, month, or longer, saving you money on your business. With GPS tracking, each visit has time and financial results. Over time, you can see where you can spend more time and where salespeople can spend less time on your site. Some customers and products may be more tactile and require more personal attention. There are others who can help you track your sales team’s location and lower their access.

Optimized work with GPS time tracking

Checking for reimbursement when you meet a sales team is a waste of time. With the GPS time tracking system, you can automate and optimize your work and get more time to actually go out and sell.

Fuel and mileage refunds – Many small business salespeople use their vehicles to visit customers. With a GPS time tracking system or application, you can create and manage mileage reports and automate and streamline your fuel refunds. No more worrying about salespeople. Employees should also not exaggerate mileage or expenses when traveling for personal travel.

Sales area monitoring – Some GPS time tracking applications have a feature called geofence for location monitoring. This is a virtual limit to setting up salespeople. If a team member invests outside of a designated area, they will be immediately notified by their contact person and sales manager. This helps avoid territorial disputes and attracts attention to the distribution area.

Instant support for salespeople

By installing mobile time tracking on your sales team, you can avoid delays caused by excessive traffic, roadwork, or accidents, so you can reach your customers on time.

Real-time tracking – Some GPS time tracking applications allow you to manage sales teams in real time. In particular, Geofencing makes life easier for sales managers by automating time cards. Time tracking is more accurate for your audience and customers because it can be automatically started and stopped when a salesperson arrives or leaves your company. You can see when and where you can track so you can clearly see where your team is all day long. If blocked during the process, you can redirect your sales team to a better path.

Urgent Requests – In case of an emergency, you can see which salesperson is closest to the site and who can send it. This will also assist the customer support team in monitoring your location. In the past, you had to call each team member individually to determine their location. However, with the GPS time tracker, you can identify the nearest team member, find and contact them, and handle the urgent problem. This saves time and reduces unnecessary travel.

Communicating new processes to the sales team

From time tracking to task tracking, you can limit the way salespeople work. However, explaining how mobile time tracking can help your business and sales is generally a good way to introduce new programs.

We have discussed some obvious advantages for our team, but here are the rewards that they can think of.

It is safe. With the GPS tracker, you can quickly find and send help to your employees for support or help. Team members do not have to worry that the manager will accuse you of going to work or sleeping at work. It can be both traceable and can provide proof of operation if in doubt.

Alerts. Team members can receive alerts to avoid traffic and pathways that are problematic. This allows customers to see more customers and increase sales.

Incentive. Efficient team members gain a sales incentive system that is directly related to the data in the time tracking application. This may require reminders, which will help you pre-adopt the new system.

After explaining everything above, if your team is still resistant, you can try it for about a month. Some GPS time tracking solutions offer a 14-day free trial. Once they have an opportunity to try, they will see the benefits of action. Win-win is the best result of the company.

Perform all tasks with GPS time tracking

SalesTrendz is a comprehensive time and GPS tracking software that runs on Mac, Windows and Linux as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. With powerful location-based tracking, you can see how long your site is staying on the road.

SalesTrendz’s geofencing capabilities allow you to create client sites that receive notifications to begin tracking when the sales team arrives. This allows you to see exactly how long the transfer or each client spent.

More accurate location and time tracking allows you to automate salary based on fixed or hourly rates. Ultimately, you can view and reconcile reports that save business time and money and deliver revenue to your team. SalesTrendz also integrates more than 30 business tools you already use.

SalesTrendz GPS Time Tracker helps sales teams eliminate time and resources that are wasted to achieve goals, optimize routes, and deliver a better customer experience.

To view other GPS time tracking apps, check out the top eight location tracking tool comparisons.

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