4 tips to choose right distribution management software for your business

As a business associate, a company built on interpersonal relationships can make growth a habit, but not an exception if you have a good relationship with your customers and suppliers. With superior distribution management software, you can focus on business development instead of spending time managing all processes and all employees micro.

That is, you must map all of your business processes to software so you can quickly view relevant reports and quickly monitor your business situation.

The following tips will help you choose the right distribution management software

1. The data is a new oil

From the customer’s credit terms to the special offers they offer, the entire business relies entirely on the software’s data. In other words, these data must remain secure and free from unauthorized access or theft. In addition, data must be securely mediated to protect against virus infections and physical damage to the server / hard drive.

Your software needs to keep your data very secure and provide good real-time cloud backup so you can run your business with confidence.

2. Give your customers the best experience possible

The experience you provide to your customers ultimately determines your growth. Provide an online order portal to ensure that you do not run out of projects or rely on salespeople. Send a thank-you message for each transaction/collection via SMS / email and see if customer retention has increased. This gives the customer a reason to never go to another store.

Another way to add a special touch is to give each customer a customized offer. This will make them feel special and precious. Distribution management software with advanced planning/quote generators can reduce expenses by providing enormous discounts to keep customers happy while maintaining profit.

3. Your software should give you freedom without being bound by you

Business owners need to travel around the world, learn about the latest technologies in the industry, adopt new technologies, meet new prospects, learn bigger pictures and spend time with their families. Your business will run smoothly as long as you do not have to worry about unwinding.

Your software must give you the freedom to monitor your business from anywhere in the world. Make sure your software is never tied to your office chair. You should not rely on supplier hours to get support. Today 24/7 support systems are absolutely essential. Free service through self-service video gives you complete independence.

Also, it’s important not to waste time in tracking your field sales executives. Invest in the right sales force tracking app to help your staff perform their jobs better, rather than overuse them. For example, you can tell your sales representative to accept your app and remove the need for an operator.

4. Accuracy of accounting and reporting

The two companies do not have the same needs. You should be able to create customizable reports to view related content. Use the distribution management software to export the reports in a common format and send them directly to the provider. This saves a lot of time and effort.

Most B2B companies rely on credit operations. Financial accounts can be the most important part of the software. Make sure you can create valid checks and balances such as credit limits and expiration dates. The software must also be able to send notifications to you and your customers in violation of credit terms. This ensures your business is profitable. Also, make sure your distribution management software helps track theft and physical inventory discrepancies.

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